What is the difference between the Atkins and the Dr. Bernstein diets?

What is the difference between the Atkins and the Dr. Bernstein diets?

Two popular low-carb diet plans are the Atkins Diet, which has been around for almost 50 years, and Dr. Bernstein’s Diet, which has been around for the past 20. Both bear similarities that can make it a bit confusing when you are trying to navigate the waters and find the solution that is right for you. Here are a few key differences to help you to decide.

Level of Support

Dr. Bernstein offers full consultation and support to design an individualized diet plan and help to keep you on track. This sounds great, but there is definitely a hefty price tag that comes with the plan and some customers have complained about customer service issues. However, if you know you will need that extra accountability, it may be the right move. The Atkins diet, on the other hand, can be easily learned by reading Dr. Robert Atkin’s books. You won’t be given an exact diet, but you will be given a list of acceptable foods and some rules to follow.

The Main Point

Both diets will probably help you lose weight. That may not be the primary concern with the Bernstein’s diet. It is specifically targeted toward helping diabetics control and beat their disease. The primary goal of Atkins is to lose weight. Depending on your personal intentions of dieting, you may find yourself more in sync with one or the other diet.


The common opinion is that the Bernstein diet is stricter and harder to maintain. It keeps a very low carb count perpetually, whereas the Atkins diet starts very low and the raises the carb intake gradually on a schedule. This low carb intake has led some to complain of increased fatigue while on the Bernstein diet.